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New Baby!

Posted on Apr 14 by

The reason I don’t blog much is because I lack the ability to sling together interesting sentences/thoughts on anything going on in my life. I like Dwija Borobia at House...


75% of the family I had

Posted on Mar 1 by

There were eight people in my immediate family, including me and my father. But he was 75% of why I stayed. My dad was not a perfect man or parent, but he did not scapegoat me the...


Goodbye, Papa

Posted on Feb 12 by

My father passed away last week. He had been successfully fighting his cancer for nine months, and then a series of other health setbacks took him within a week. He struggled to...


Stripping Away

Posted on Jan 11 by

Lately, I’ve been working hard to work hard. I’m 29 weeks pregnant, have hardly seen the sun for months (thanks Chicago!), and as the fatigue from running around after...


A little money trick

Posted on Jan 7 by

My sister mentioned that a few Christian finance gurus refer to living in debt as “living a lie.” This hit home for me as I thought about how the desire to have nice...


The Tipping Point

Posted on Nov 13 by

Three months ago, I came into possession of some emails that my older sister had written to my mother. I have always felt judged by my family, and suspected that I was the subject...