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Setting Aside My Audience

Posted on May 28 by

So Megan Tietz over at SortaCrunchy posted about how she is not cool, for myriad reasons (all of them bogus–she is cool). But it did get me thinking…people who have...


Gillian’s List, Again

Posted on May 19 by

So today when my husband asked me how my day was for the third time, I said, “You want me to tell you again?” He replied, “Well, you just said it was...


Thanks, Simcha!

Posted on May 19 by

So, this was nice!┬áMaybe I ought to work on a little post on how awesome The Sinner’s Guide to NFP is and how nice it is to no longer see sex as a burden? How we’re...


Why I Rarely Post

Posted on May 5 by

Short answer: I’m not sure I’m so likeable online. Not-as-short answer: I can’t seem to find my voice, in part because I’m not comfortable with being one...


New Baby!

Posted on Apr 14 by

The reason I don’t blog much is because I lack the ability to sling together interesting sentences/thoughts on anything going on in my life. I like Dwija Borobia at House...


75% of the family I had

Posted on Mar 1 by

There were eight people in my immediate family, including me and my father. But he was 75% of why I stayed. My dad was not a perfect man or parent, but he did not scapegoat me the...