I just need to share this

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August 13, 2011
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August 17, 2011
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I just need to share this

Not a real post, just needed to share:

  1. My inbox has three emails in it, one of which is to remind me to check my Gap rewards, one is something I have to do for my dad, and the other is to remind me to watch out for an email from somebody who is pretty good about responding to stuff.
  2. No voicemails on cell or home. All tutoring for the week scheduled, so no more calls/emails on that topic.
  3. No pile of mail or circulars to look through. All coupons clipped and purged.
  4. Deep freeze totally empty, currently letting it dethaw. It doesn’t have ice build up, but I’ve been told you should still turn it off and thoroughly clean it annually to make it run more efficiently.
  5. Kitchen and desk clean.
  6. Emailed insurance lady final documentation so we can FINALLY fix the last of the storm damage and live like humans again.
  7. Have worked out daily for almost a week, feel better than usual, weight gain has slowed (but not stopped, go baby!).
  8. Was paid twice as much as I expected for a week of puppy sitting. Celebrated with MORE gourmet ice cream. Shut up Fierce.
  9. Car is clean, has fresh oil. New license sticker just arrived because yes I did send in my check immediately.
  10. Clean sheets on bed, seem to be beckoning.

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