7 Super Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 161)


1 Zoe is starting to stretch her sleep out. Last night we were up to 6.5 hours before she needed to nurse. Woot!

Buff Orpington Chicken who lives in my backyard


2. Wolfie looked so happy when I was reading him a letter he received that I said, “Does it make you so happy to get mail?” and he responded, “No, you make me so happy!” What a three-year-old…

3. I babysat for my 1-year-old nephew today and got to experience life with 3 kids. If I had a high chair set up to plop my nephew in during lunch, I would have found the three of them easier than my regular two because Wolfie was busy playing with his cousin, instead of demanding every drop of my attention. I think we’ll shoot for a third baby to be born about the time Zoe is able to feed herself. ;)

4.) I am so tired of hearing about Occupy Whatever. Stop whining, get jobs, and stop electing shmucks.

5.) Fierce and I have watched the first two seasons of White Collar on Netflix and are now picking up the rest of season three. I love having shows that we only watch together. I don’t know why he doesn’t love Law & Order….

6.) I think I’ve broken my Starbucks habit. Having two kids in car seats makes homemade hot chocolate so much more appealing than Starbucks. I hate getting kids in and out of car seats more than any other aspect of parenting. Sleep deprivation? Bring it. Running errands with kids in the car? Death first.

7.) Some of my tutoring clients have upped their hours, I went back to week a few weeks early, and my parents paid us back on a loan, so we aren’t quite as poor as we had been. Fierce just saw an amazing job opening in our town and is going to go after it. If he gets it, it will nearly treble his take-home salary, which means I can work as little or much as I want to. Honestly, he could work as a grocery store manager and treble his salary, so don’t get the wrong idea…it’s not an obscene amount of money, but after three years of being miserly just to get by, it would be a big boost. (And the main thing I think about “buying” is the freedom to have more kids more closely together.)


Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting!

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