November 18, 2011

The ASAHM is really getting closer to SAHM

Things at my school have been miserable this year. Between the hate mail generated by a few parents, to the belief that I can always do more or do things differently enough to satisfy everyone, I’m tired. I became a one-day-a-week teacher putting in 15 hours into teaching, grading, and writing curriculum. After the latest round of, “And can you add in more oral assessments for the 8th graders? The ones who talk through the whole class anyway? And grade quizzes faster–24 hour turn-around isn’t good enough. And motivate the kids to learn a language that we don’t value enough to count toward sports eligibility. And add some more graphics to that textbook you’re writing,” I told my principal that I was carefully considering how I could get him/the parents everything they needed, but that if he felt like he wanted to go in another staffing direction, I would never hold it against him. Apparently he was tired of listening to parents complain and could see that a change of staff would give him a fresh chance to set the tone. I feel like the Hebrews leaving Egypt. Oh Lord, I’m free at last! This week was my first week […]