January 26, 2012

The Almighty Does Great Things For Me

I’m a cynic and when I hear stories about “miracles” that involve somebody with an awful life getting a small bit of something they need, I tend to think, “Hmmm, seems like if God really cared, that person wouldn’t have cystic fibrosis in the first place. Good job, God! You gave a dying girl a puppy! Don’t do ME any favors.” Yes, it is just as bad as it sounds. But, the good news is that God wants to woo me, and he’s figured out how. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, he’s given me a grateful heart. I asked him for one, rather halfheartedly, knowing that I’m often irritated by people with thankful hearts for seeming so out of touch with the ratio of good to bad in their lives. But I risked it, and asked for a thankful heart. Well, God answered that prayer, and suddenly I can see how he has answered plenty of other ones. My sister got a great job; she survived a dangerous pregnancy and had a healthy baby; she didn’t marry the jerk that put her in a family way and now we can have family parties that don’t include him, which […]
January 20, 2012

7 Super Quick Takes

  1 Zoe is starting to stretch her sleep out. Last night we were up to 6.5 hours before she needed to nurse. Woot!   2. Wolfie looked so happy when I was reading him a letter he received that I said, “Does it make you so happy to get mail?” and he responded, “No, you make me so happy!” What a three-year-old… 3. I babysat for my 1-year-old nephew today and got to experience life with 3 kids. If I had a high chair set up to plop my nephew in during lunch, I would have found the three of them easier than my regular two because Wolfie was busy playing with his cousin, instead of demanding every drop of my attention. I think we’ll shoot for a third baby to be born about the time Zoe is able to feed herself. 4.) I am so tired of hearing about Occupy Whatever. Stop whining, get jobs, and stop electing shmucks. 5.) Fierce and I have watched the first two seasons of White Collar on Netflix and are now picking up the rest of season three. I love having shows that we only watch together. I don’t know why he […]
January 14, 2012

Toddler Rules

January 11, 2012

Why do the MommyWars go on?

There are 2 types of MommyWars. My kid is more ____ than your kid. With infants, we all want the kid who is the biggest or the smallest, the best or the worst sleeper, some sort of superlative. It isn’t enough that we have a child of God with an immortal soul suddenly gifted to our care; we need this kid to be “more special” than other kids, even though God made those kids too. You’re Doing It All Wrong. Pick a battle: bottle or breast; co-sleep or crib; disposable or cloth diapers; attachment parenting or child abuse (just kidding); stay-at-home or work; plan your kids meticulously or fill your quiver; etc. In short, for every snarky MommyWar post you read, it can be categorized as either Competitive Parenting or Judging As Sport. I think both are addictive ways of approaching other people because they allow one to stoke one’s ego while enjoying not only being Good, but Better. I’m an intelligent person, but the pleasure comes from knowing that I’m above average. It wouldn’t matter if the average person was a genius and the low end of the spectrum was still quite bright; one never wants to be below […]