February 29, 2012

My Brain on Crack

I’m assuming that the unbearable lightness I feel right now, the indefatigable energy may be why people take drugs and claim that they melted teeth are worth it. Wolfie’s at preschool, Zoe is with the sitter, my tutoring clients canceled, but have to pay the retainer fee, which means that I could keep the sitter and do what I wanted. I got more than six hours of sleep last night! (Can’t blame the baby, she was asleep by 9, slept till 6:45. I just like to stay up and roam the house with nobody to ask me to do anything.) I’m in a coffee shop, having just gone to the bank to make a deposit. I transferred money around and appear to have a little extra this month, invoiced my company for my hours, have been emailing witticisms back and forth with my mom’s best friend who joined my gym and goes to the same weight training class with me. I just ordered Simcha Fisher’s new book (okay, technically it’s not just her book, but she’s the writer that I have most wanted to see in print), set up a play date with a mom I think I’ll actually like. […]
February 24, 2012

Training Season

One of my tutoring students had a nervous breakdown, so I am helping his mom home school him. I’ve now gone from working half-time to being full-time. While my afternoons used to be a frenzy of housekeeping and childrearing, they are now spent slyly working housecleaning in while my student does a problem set. I nurse Zoe while I review the correct answers. In the next ten weeks, I will make half of what I earned in 52 weeks last year. I am hoping that this time will not only let me save up for a bigger car, but be a crucible that helps me make the best use of my time, and even better use of my time when the semester is over. Another area for growth is TRAINING SEASON, also known as Lent. I’ve decided to limit the desserts I eat to the same Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday night schedule we have for Wolfie. I am also off of Facebook. What fascinates me is the crap I feel compelled to share on Facebook. I’m more aware of how stupid most of it is now that I have to swallow these brilliant ideas: Kids grow up so fast.  I’m too cheap to […]